by Sarantis/Sasquatch



We Said:
Fetish was one of those tunes that tore the dance apart from Sub Dub in Leeds to DMZ London, original players like Chef were rinsing this one. Omerta is another slice of dark, almost industrial electronics from Sasquatch.

Another gargantuan transmission from Senseless, with Sarantis and Sasquatch manning the controls for an abrasive mash-up, heavy styles. Sasquatch's "Omerta" opens the flip with a metallic tumble that's almost too harsh for its own good - for once the signature bass drop being nowhere to be found for the first couple of minutes, before things get decidedly heavier and on-point when it finally makes its weighty introduction. Sarantis take over the flipside with a more spacious number, all wobbly bass stabs and oscillating synths - a nauseating experience in the most exhilarating sense, particularly for those of you who like yr dubstep served wide and heavy. Killer!


released April 4, 2007


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