Doll's Eyes​/​Badman Dub

by Sarantis/Sasquatch



We Said:
The debut from Sasquatch and another weighty one from Sarantis. First EP mastered at Transition too.

"Badman Dub" is just about the heaviest, darkest thing we've heard for time - the kind of deadly bass-cosh that should come with a low-end warning on the front - aided and abbeted by some of the nastiest metallic snares imaginable and distant rave sweeps that will pummell you into submission if you were brave enough to stand in its way - mighty, truly darkcore stuff that ain't for the faint-hearted. "Doll's Eyes" on the flip sends out shards of clunking percussion before settling into another menacing arrangement of almost unbearable bass drops and all kinds of nastiness propagating the mix with pure toughness - HEAVY is the operative word kids. Sick.


released February 2, 2007


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