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SENSELESS005: Jack Sparrow ‘Spam Purse/Blackout’ by Senseless Records

We said:
The debut from Capt Jack, now of Tectonic fame. Still one of our favourites, two seismic pieces of classic bass weight. Salute!

By far by far the sickest thing on the excellent Senseless label to date, Jack Sparrow here delivers two tracks of pure unadulterated BASS goodness for darker heads among you to enjoy. “Spam Purse” oozes atmosphere and a quasi-Sino template that typifies so many tracks at the moodier end of the dubstep spectrum, odd chord structures and a heaving mass of weighty low-end making this a 2-am warehouse standard – brilliant stuff. “Blackout” on the flip is even better, another relentlessly heavy low-end session that’s punctuated with a bassline that anchors itself to the track with such steely determination that everything else about it starts to fade into the background. Killer stuff – play super LOUD!



SENSELESS006: Sarantis/SNO ‘Spark/Pulley’ by Senseless Records

We Say:

An epic slice of dread techno from Sarantis that still stands as one of our top releases on the label. On the other side Manchester’s SNO drops some old school half step business.


“Sarantis consistently brings the goods with a fully charged stepper featuring some epic Sci-Fi vibes and a rampant 4/4 dread bassline”



SENSELESS003: Sarantis/Sasquatch ‘Dolls Eyes/Badman Dub’ by Senseless Records

We Said:
The debut from Sasquatch and another weighty one from Sarantis. First EP mastered at Transition too.

“Badman Dub” is just about the heaviest, darkest thing we’ve heard for time – the kind of deadly bass-cosh that should come with a low-end warning on the front – aided and abbeted by some of the nastiest metallic snares imaginable and distant rave sweeps that will pummell you into submission if you were brave enough to stand in its way – mighty, truly darkcore stuff that ain’t for the faint-hearted. “Doll’s Eyes” on the flip sends out shards of clunking percussion before settling into another menacing arrangement of almost unbearable bass drops and all kinds of nastiness propagating the mix with pure toughness – HEAVY is the operative word kids. Sick.

SENSELESS004: Sarantis/Sasquatch 'Omerta/Fetish'


SENSELESS004: Sarantis/Sasquatch ‘Omerta/Fetish EP’ by Senseless Records

We Said:
Fetish was one of those tunes that tore the dance apart from Sub Dub in Leeds to DMZ London, original players like Chef were rinsing this one. Omerta is another slice of dark, almost industrial electronics from Sasquatch.

Another gargantuan transmission from Senseless, with Sarantis and Sasquatch manning the controls for an abrasive mash-up, heavy styles. Sasquatch’s “Omerta” opens the flip with a metallic tumble that’s almost too harsh for its own good – for once the signature bass drop being nowhere to be found for the first couple of minutes, before things get decidedly heavier and on-point when it finally makes its weighty introduction. Sarantis take over the flipside with a more spacious number, all wobbly bass stabs and oscillating synths – a nauseating experience in the most exhilarating sense, particularly for those of you who like yr dubstep served wide and heavy. Killer!



SENSELESS001: Sarantis ‘3 Course Meal EP’ by Senseless Records

We say:

The release that started it all, grime and bass with a Yorkshire twist.

Boomkat description:

Leeds’ answer to Wonder, Sarantis dumps another gutters worth of Northern muck ridden grime for the fledgling Senseless records to boot up the new year. Featuring the nasal flow of Taurus bringing some proper Yorkshire rude gyal attitude ‘3 course meal’ runs some dynamic muck beats with dub and instrumental to get creative with. The big track for me is on the B-side, picking up the ‘Northern Wonder’ mantle and running into the hills ‘low riddim’ is a reckless half stepper succinctly bridging the gaps betwixt grime and dubstep with subzero ravin elements and a nasty down pitched and de-tuned b-line.



SENSELESS002: Sarantis ft Warrior Queen ‘More Than Money EP’ by Senseless Records

We say:

The release that started it all proper. Warrior Queen on top of some fierce dubstep/grime and bashment riddims from Sarantis. Also check the Starkey/King Cannibal remixes on Vocals & Versions. Support from Skream/Appleblim etc etc.


The dubstep virus spreads some more, as yorkshire based Senseless enlist well respected bashment diva Warrior Queen to ride on top of two wicked Sarantis ridims. Relatively easy to understand why the greek producer’s rub of Warrior Queen’s “more than money” has been peopling Mary Anne Hobbs shows for months and Skream blazed up his Rinse Fm set with it. Weapons grade dancehall. No surprise then that Sarantis has apparently supplied half of the beats for the forthcoming Warrior Queen album. “Buffalo gal dub” rides a steady skank with a ruling bass assault, “Retaliate” is no-nonsense basment come fi ram up the place, yet Sarantis cannot resist adding a wicked, futuristic horror show edge to the production, and “Brother Kitano” finally arrives to seal the deal beyond any shred of debate – pure dirt on wax.

Image courtesy: heatwave.co.uk


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