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Pachanga! Warehouse rave photos are here

Pachanga was amazing, 2500 people and anyone there will tell you it was one of the best London warehouse raves in recent memory, pure vibes. Thanks to all the DJs who played, you smashed it. To High Pressure, Siren and Everyone Sound and everyone else who worked so hard to make it happen. Amazing photos are here courtesy of Bartek Szadura. (His Portfolio)


Senseless presents Synesthesia


The celebrations for our fifth birthday started properly on Saturday with the epic 2000 person rave, pics and videos from that coming later in the week. All the information about the Synesthesia is here, the launch is this Thursday, Cafe 1001, Brick Lane. 6pm-Late. Very LTD signed Giclee prints will be on sale of each work and this is the only chance to see them before each gets released, so come on down.


Summer 2011 marks five years of Senseless Records, five years since the soundsystem culture of Leeds, UK inspired Sarantis to press up his first white label grime EP. In that time we’ve searched the UK and far beyond for international heat reaching out from Warsaw to Caracas. We’ve released almost twenty EPs and two albums of technicolour bass music from an extended family of artists including vocalists like Max Romeo, Warrior Queen, Badness, Foreign Beggars and YT and producers like Jack Sparrow, Starkey, Ghosttown, Phantom, Kanji Kinetic, Brackles, MRK1, Pocz & Pacheko and many more.


To celebrate five years we proudly present Synesthesia: five limited edition of 250 vinyl EPs, each with hand screen printed sleeve art from rising UK star Chris Pell. The releases are themed around the five senses and features a high quality art print insert from specially commissioned international artists representing each sense. Every 12″ includes three tracks from a selection made up of existing Senseless artists, some very exciting debut releases and a selection of legendary names who have inspired the label over the years. Confirmed contributors include Poirier, Rossi B & Luca, Oris J, Stereotyp, DJ Eastwood, Distal, Phantom and JTRP but we’ll announce the full line up for each record only as each is released.


The series will launch with an exhibition in London in May with all the original artworks on display, very limited signed numbered prints for sale. Music will be an all analogue experimental live performance from Headcleaner who has released on many labels including Aphex Twin’s Rephlex. We will also play all the music from the series with label DJs.


Visual Artists:


Vesna Parchet

German artist based in London; works vary from paintings, illustrations, sculpture, printmaking and murals. Recent exhibitions in Hong Kong and Tokyo alongside Dface, Swoon, Jeff Soto and Cyclops. Vesna works around the body and an obsession with the human (trans)form is very evident in her pieces. Her blend of realism and abstract, beauty and ugliness is mesmerising.

http://www.adaptagallery.com/Artists/vparchet.html http://www.flickr.com/photos/vesnaparchet/


Dirty Antilogic

Barcelona based painter and graffiti artist; specialises in screenprinting and organiser of numerous interactive live-painting events in autonomous spaces across Europe. Works in progress include mixes of speaker design and sculpture. Dirty is a catalyst and very active part of the artistic scene in Barcelona and Berlin.





Currently residing in Australia, UK born Graffiti artist Song has spent many years travelling the globe painting trains, walls and anything else that he can make his canvas. Whilst living in the UK he painted with artists such as sweet toof and 10foot. His colourful style makes his graffiti stand out amongst the rest.



Miss Phybis

Leeds based artist Hazel Potter currently works as a tattoo artist in her own studio. Holding exhibitions around the vibrant art scene in the North of the UK she also works alongside fashion designers mixing her striking, feminine style with clothing design. Works in progress include her own set of Tarot cards to be displayed in a Romany caravan around the UK. Bittersweet and twisted, her work perfectly displays the beauty and chaos in the human mind.


Katie Scott

Katieʼs arresting and varied work is intricate and detailed, balancing technical ability with a wild creative streak. She is a recent graduate of the The University of Brighton but has already created commissioned work for an impressive list of clients including BBC Radio 4, and BBC 2 on TV, Platform Magazine, Design Week. Expect to hear a lot more from Katie in the near future.



Overall Series Artist:

Chris Pell

Chris Pell’s instantly striking work is inspired by a collection of disparate influences ranging from alchemy and mysticism to soca and sparse marshlands. Out of these he creates another dimension that we’ve been lucky enough to step in to through his work for the label. Chris has created two pieces for us, the most recent will be screen printed on to all the sleeves of the birthday releases. He’s exhibited in the UK and USA and had illustration commissions for Moshi Moshi Records, bands including Metronomy and Dillinger Escape Plan and recently the global clothing brand ASOS.



DeVille Guest Mix on Pollinate & Steak House Radio

Little update for audio, much fun had in the studio:

DeVille guest mix on Steakhouse/Pollinate Radio by Senseless Records

Tune in tonight for some warm music on a cold day, like they say i’m bringing my technicolour bass machine…

Back on the webwaves this Wednesday, Rob (Pollinate) and Jon (Hanuman) present their monthly Hivemind.fm show. This month special guest Deville of Senseless Records joins the party bringing with him his technicolour bass machine to select some sunny delights, LIVE!



Senseless in Cardiff and Bristol

First up another round of huuuuge thanks to everyone that came and partied last weekend at Cafe 1001, ten hours of International Bass mayhem!

Down to business..
Our boy Pacheko is over in Europe and we’re doing a couple of Senseless showcases. Set your co-ordinates for the South and West. First stop is at Cardiff Arts Institute with the crew behind the excellent Chrome Kids blog. Pacheko and DeVille will be dropping the international bass bombs. They know how to party in Wales, get ready…
Here’s what they say:
The the following weekend we head back across the border to Bristol for a MONSTER of a line up. Huge shouts to Hivemind FM and Brock Out on this one, we’ve pulled together a killer line up of Senseless affiliated artists. I could go on but I think the incredible flyer can do the talking. Nuff hyperbole for now come on down:


Sasquatch is repping at Glasto this weekend, find him on the decks in a few places and tonight DeVille is playing at this monster:


ZShed vs Coin Op at the Rhythm Factory. Amazing line up, free all night. Get in!


A very nice little profile of the label in Knowledge Mag online, largely consisting of an interview with yours truly. Thanks KMag for the support!

See it on the mag site HERE to prove I’m not lying, or read on below:

Senseless Records is a bass music label founded in Leeds, now based in London but with an international outlook. They sum up the music they release as “the spirit of rave past, present and future”. DeVille, one of the co-owners, explains all…

When did your label begin & why was it set up?

The label started in Leeds in 2004 with a self-funded white label from Sarantis featuring a Leeds MC called Taurus. It got played on 1Xtra and Channel U and those kinds of places and it went from there. The whole thing grew out of soundsystem culture – there’s a lot of it in Leeds – from inspirations like Iration Steppas to systems like High Pressure, who Senseless cut their first tunes for. Things really kicked off with the Warrior Queen track which got played all over the place. Skream, Mary Anne Hobbs, Appleblim and lots of other peeps were on that one and we got distribution on the back of it.

Eleven vinyl releases and two CDs later we’re still going strong, and I think putting out the best and most exciting music to date. Initially the label was set up to release our own music, because we felt separated from the London scene. Now we live in London and put out other people’s music so I guess we’ve either succeeded or betrayed our ideals, can’t decide.

Who is involved with running it?

Me and Sasquatch (Liam) run the label, mainly out of his studio in North London. Sarantis was one of the original founders of the label but doesn’t do so much day-to-day stuff. Let’s call him a very silent partner, that makes him sound dead though, he’s not dead.

What other labels, new or old, have inspired you?

I find XL a big inspiration, I like the fact they came from hardcore and The Prodigy to being the diverse label they are now. Warp as well has managed to stay relevant for over 20 years, as has Ninja. Planet Mu has managed to release consistently interesting music and move with the times. I’ve always respected Rough Trade as well, for what they did back in the 80s and now. Factory for their commitment to artwork over profit.

Just to randomly name check some others: Hyperdub, Mad Decent, Tempa, Locked On, Stones Throw, Ghostly, K7 are all in there. Digging a bit further back I’d have to say jungle labels like V Recordings, Moving Shadow and Suburban Bass because they inspired me so much when I was younger.

Tell us more about your key artists…

The three people who run the label also produce so we’ve always released some of our own music alongside other people’s either as originals or remixes. This year we’ve had our biggest expansion in terms of new artists though; we have Ghosttown, an incredible future hip hop producer who’s worked with Foreign Beggars, Dudley Perkins, Frank and Dank and loads of other people in the past but now we’re helping him go solo.

We also have a new discovery in Cheasleauen, a female MC from Las Vegas who’s got serious mic skills, she sounds like Lil Kim meets Spankrock. Kanji Kinetic has done his first full release for us too, heavy hitting turbo rave kind of business.

Coming up there’s Pocz and Pacheko, two Venezuelan guys who make amazing music that fuses UK bass with with tribal South American influences, I went out there and did a show with them this year which was an incredible experience.

Then there’s Maga Bo, probably our most established artist to date who makes psychedelic electronic music fused with international found sounds and influences he picks up on his world travels, an enviable life. Then there’s The Phantom from Poland, an EP of remixes from Mali, oh and Max Romeo, the legendary reggae vocalist who we met and recorded with in a shed in North London.

What do you look for in potential artists?

A sense of the experimental whilst still maintaining an ear for what works on the dancefloor. An awareness of how to promote your music is useful, labels can’t necessarily do it all. It also helps if you aren’t a complete fool, hanging out is part of the fun. Also although we’re very open, it helps if an artist has a feel for what we put out, we get sent some weird stuff.

How would you describe your label’s sound?

We sum it up as technicolour international bass music. It has to have bass and not be too fixed in one scene, increasingly we’re finding it will have international influences too. We like music that works at the margins and mixes elements together to come up with something new. Also we like vocals, hence the CDs last year. Apart from that we’re very open to new sounds, hopefully that’s reflected in out releases. Up until now we’ve mostly been a dancefloor label but we have a few potential releases coming up for the iPod as well as the club.

Aside from that the label’s main inspiration is ‘rave’ and by ‘rave’ we mean proper raves. Sasquatch works as part of a crew called New World Disorder putting on warehouse parties in London and big outdoor free parties all over Europe.

We also play at a lot of free parties organised by loads of crews around London including Enjoy Kaos, Disjunkt, Hekate and Underkonstuction. Playing and being involved in these events is how the label started out and is still what we get the biggest buzz from. Underground parties are just fun to play at because they are free from the limitations on the mainstream club scene, half the people aren’t outside smoking for a start! It also means the sound gets played to people who don’t care about names and status but just want to dance. I think Sasquatch would see this as an important thing to mention, keep the rave alive!

What have been your biggest releases to date?

Difficult to say, depends how you measure, but the More Than Money EP by Sarantis and Warrior Queen has been our biggest selling release, and the Starkey remix was one of the biggest of 2009. Early on as well we released the debut from Jack Sparrow which was really popular.

Our biggest in terms of effort were the Vocals and Versions CDs, with a total of 30 tracks between them and some amazing names. In terms of DJ response it would have to be the Ghosttown release with Badness this year. I’m also so quite confident both the Kanji release, which just came out and the Pocz and Pacheko ones will do really well too. Probably jinxed them by saying that haven’t I?

What do you have coming out soon?

The bass-rave monster that is Kanji Kinetic’s Zombiezz EP just came out with remixes from Cracks, Kaiser and Johnny Sideways. Then comes Pocz and Pacheko’s UK bass meets Kuduro Zarbak with remixes from Brackles and Mr Gasparov. In the summer we’re really excited to be releasing a set of remixes of Max Romeo, the reggae legend, with versions from Rossi B and Luca, Stagga, Pacheko, Deville and Sasquatch.

After that comes something different from Maga Bo, recorded in Ethiopia (we’re also working on a possible DVD of him in Ethiopia recording and performing) with remixes by Timeblind, African Dope, Filastine, Pacheko and a few more. Then we have an EP from The Phantom, and exciting producer making forward-thinking UK funky in Poland, with some excellent remixes. An EP of vocals from Mali, with some amazing remixes I have to keep under wraps for now. Then more from Ghosttown, who’s been working with Badness, YT, Killa P and Warrior Queen and something else from Cheasleauen.

Anything else you want to tell us about?

We’re increasingly taking a really active interest in our label artwork, every EP now is being designed by an artist from around the world and we’re working out how to start being able to offer prints either for sale or packaged with the releases, so look out for that.


I’m playing in Belgium with my good pal Your Niece and hard music specialist Mustard Gunn (Coin Op), Facebook claims this night runs until 8.30 am. Yeeee Ha! Are they real caves?


The party in NYC tonight is Critics Choice and Senseless gets a little mention in Time Out! Excitement is building >>>>>>>>



I’m playing alongside a really pretty massive line up at The Rhythm Factory on May 7th including my good friend Your Niece. Ring the alarm!



We did the gig last night in Caracas, and it was amazing. Monday night and the venue was rammed, I think we have some photos, video and audio so I’ll post a full report in the next couple of days. But all the Abstractor crew (Pacheko, Pocz, Ink, Emerson, Design or Die etc) its been an honour. In the meantime here is next week’s party and my debut in NYC at the legendary club Love with some heavy hitters, H.Y.P.E.D!

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