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Big Gwans Dancehall: HUGE LDN Warehouse Rave Oct 1st now ft WARRIOR QUEEN!

2a Corsham st
N1 6DP
STOP PRESS: We now have the undisputed queen of UK bashment Warrior Queen on the bill, BOOM.
We are extremely proud to announce the launch of our next Warehouse extravaganza in a top secret central warehouse location:
Big Gwan invites you step into his dancehall of bass-drenched debauchery and rum-soaked rock n roll rhythms where freaks meet beats in a tropical grime hoe down…

Mash it up in the technicolour international bass den downstairs, with a cross section of the finest selectors the UK and Americas have to offer, tempted into the chaos by Big Gwan himself… Ascend from the depths of the den and take of the devilish pleasures on offer inside the rock n roll disco, where heavy blues men drink with sultans of surf, and circus cabaret is performed for drunk punks and lost children of the rave..  Feed your senses and groom your souls with genuinely cheap liquor and all the freedom of the speakeasy…Come shake off your shackles and grind down with Big Gwan!

10 pounds entry all night, includes free drink!


KANJI KINECTIC  (Mutant bass, Rag N Bone, Senseless) – Heavy bass producer beloved of Mary Anne Hobbs, his mix of bassline, techno, and dubstep has left him in high demand for shows around the globe.


WARLOCK (Rag n Bone) – Legendary DJ and producer Warlock plays a spontaneous mix of all things dark and bass heavy, mashing up dubstep, mutant bass line, fidget funky, tropical and of course the odd old skool rarity.
ROSSI B AND LUCA (Heavy Artillery/1Xtra) -UK grime pioneers and 8 year Rinse FM veterans, there is no hype, Rossi B and Luca have it locked.

HEADCLEANER (Rephlex/Magnox) -In a world of laptop sets and serato, to see a home built modular synth in action with its singer rave pilot at the controls is something that is not to be missed!

SARANTIS AND PARLY B (Senseless) – Pure heat..expect footwork, electro, grime and dancehall accompanied by badman Donny dancehall warrior Mc parly B.

YOUR NIECE (Senseless) – DJ Your Niece deals in high-end turbo-crunk. Slamming, damning, searing laser filth. He splices glitch-hop with dubstep, techno, electo and DnB, operating a strict “whatevers rinsing” policy.

SASQUATCH (Senseless) – Like the mythical beast his name conjures up, sasquatch is a monster in the studio. His broad reaching heavy bass sound has scored him gigs across the globe, working with likes of Foreign beggars, Max Romeo and Warrior Queen, to name but a few legends… 

SVN BVRN (Destroy culture/pollinate) – Destroy culture crusader cooks up a melting pot of tribal percussion, kuduro, tribal and tropical bass..
MUSKUT- Muskut’s style is pushing the boundaries of hip hop by adding grime and dubstep to the forefront of his high end production and mixes, earning him slots alongside Jehst, foreign beggars and many more powerhouses of the UK hip hop scene.
                                                                        AND IN THE ROCK N ROLL DISCO..

CHAOS CABARET – Expect death defying circus and pantomime perversions from the cream of London’s twisted cabaret underworld..

JOHN FAIRHURST BAND – Globally acclaimed John rips out some of the rawest, heaviest blues you will ever see, think captain beefheart meets seasick steve with all the guitar skills of Robert Johnson and you are approaching what is a truly unmissable, if somewhat violating experience!

LOS PECADORES – These 5 piece sultans of surf bring back the sexy psychedelia of surf and the fiery power of punk to make a perverted, sweat soaked monster of a show!

100% BEEFCOCK AND THE TITSBURSTER –Female 2 piece, explode with full blown guitar distortion and erratic bass lines to a back drop of borderline psychotic drumming, picture the aphex twin in flagranti with early butt hole surfers in a mental insitution..

Amazing decor and visuals courtesy of meno.tv, enjoy kaos and the Boomtown Fair!

2011 marks five years of Senseless Records, five years since the soundsystem culture of Leeds, UK inspired us to press the first Sarantis white label grime EP. In that time we’ve searched the UK and far beyond for international heat reaching out from Warsaw to Caracas. We’ve released almost twenty EPs and two albums of technicolour bass music from an extended family of artists including vocalists like Max Romeo, Warrior Queen, Badness, Foreign Beggars and YT and producers like Jack Sparrow, Starkey, Ghosttown, Phantom, Kanji Kinetic, Brackles, MRK1, Pocz & Pacheko and many more.

Pandemonium circus is a shadowy group of performers featured in time out who have been working on the underground for a number of years under various names and guises, with acclaimed groups such as the Invisible Circus, the Mutoid Waste company, Prangsta, Guerilla Zoo, and the Boomtown Fair.


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    September 21, 2011 7:28 pmPosted 7 years ago

    hi, i wanna come to this event for my 18th birthday on the 1st…is 18 the age restriction…i don’t have a provisional but I’v got a student ID can that be used as proof of age?

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      September 22, 2011 12:22 amPosted 7 years ago
      deville (Author)

      You should be fine mate, enjoy!


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