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Sasquatch: Out Of The Fishbowl Mix

SASQUATCH OutOfTHEfiShBowl (1hr.10 mix)


Sasquatch has cooked up a fresh mix of 100% his own productions and 99% unreleased and unheard material. Should give you a little clue as to what he’s got lurking on the hardrive. Its a high speed romp through heavy bass, dubstep, garage with some international colour. Features a couple of past, present and future Senseless releases in there too. Turn it up!



3.GudRide feat Honey B
4.Up In The Tub
5.Don don Chic le feat Aeon Crunc (SQ RMX)
6.Pueblo Riddim
7.Zombiezz – Kanji Kinetic (Cracks RMX)
8.24 Hours Of Dark
10.Entre-e-sai feat Zuzuka (SQRMX)
11.Afrika feat ash b – enrico (SQ RMX)
12.Crabba Riddim
13.Shakna 34
14.Dangerous Bath
15.B-boy to the deaf
16.Outside ear
17.Out of Mind
18.Voodoo sound – Aeon Crunc (SQ RMX)
19.Kickboxer Riddim
20.Mad again – Ja Lanzo (SQ RMX) courtesy of Blacklindy/Charmax Records

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