SENSELESS001: Sarantis ‘3 Course Meal EP’ by Senseless Records

We say:

The release that started it all, grime and bass with a Yorkshire twist.

Boomkat description:

Leeds’ answer to Wonder, Sarantis dumps another gutters worth of Northern muck ridden grime for the fledgling Senseless records to boot up the new year. Featuring the nasal flow of Taurus bringing some proper Yorkshire rude gyal attitude ‘3 course meal’ runs some dynamic muck beats with dub and instrumental to get creative with. The big track for me is on the B-side, picking up the ‘Northern Wonder’ mantle and running into the hills ‘low riddim’ is a reckless half stepper succinctly bridging the gaps betwixt grime and dubstep with subzero ravin elements and a nasty down pitched and de-tuned b-line.

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